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For Office

CCTV also known as the closed circuit television cameras which have been utilized and uniquely created to give businesses, homeowners, and office workers a peace of mind when they aren't within their property premises. The benefits to installing a CCTV security camera in your office are simply infinite, as everyone wants to know what's going on in their office while they aren't actually there. The amount of CCTV systems on the market at the moment have significantly expanded throughout the years, as technology has been able to enhance them tremendously to make them even more worth buying.

If you want to install a CCTV security camera in your office, you should be aware that regardless of how tiny your office may be, theft is still a very big possibility in happening. If you are looking to increase your office's safety, then you must really deter theft and even catch any suspicious activity from periodically reviewing the footage. All of the burglary that may occur in your office will be seen through the help of CCTV security cameras.

Know What Is Going On In Your Office At All Times
When you install a security camera in your office, it will be able to serve as your deter whenever you may not be at your office. If ever you lose any of your valuable things you may have left at your office, at least you know how they were lost or stolen. The greatest benefit to CCTV cameras would have to be the fact that you will be able to find out who stole your valuables and have proof that they stole them. The great thing about these cameras is the fact that they can be placed for indoor and outdoor use and can also be controlled by the owner when they are at their office.

Retrace Your Steps Whenever You Lose Things
Let's face it, regardless of how organized of a person you may be, losing things is really bound to happen. It is completely normal to lose things at your office, and if you lost very important files, you can quickly just look at your CCTV system to retrace your steps. If you are certain no one stole the items you need, all you have to do is check your CCTV system to find out where you lost it.

From today's technology, finding the perfect CCTV system can very challenging and confusing, as simply all the systems available are filled with an array of features and benefits. It really will be a challenge for people to find the best system out there because there are so many to choose from. Although they do offer the same benefits, some CCTV systems are just more reliable than others. Just be extra cautious when choosing a CCTV system so that you can be able to buy the best one out there. Look for quality and superior features so that you can be able to find the best system that best suits your personal needs.

For Schools

There are a variety of situations in which CCTV cameras are used to provide surveillance, especially schools. Sometimes, in larger schools, providing security guards is not enough. It is not uncommon for some schools to install CCTV security systems in their premises to monitor and keep track of all the activities that take place. Sometimes, in larger schools, providing security guards is not enough for school security. This is usually done with complete awareness on the student’s, parent’s and teacher’s parts. There are many benefits of using CCTV surveillance systems in schools:

School Security

  1. CCTV security systems help in preventing or identifying unauthorized intruders who enter the premises, thereby promoting school security.
  2. Keeping track of remote entrances and exits is easier through CCTV cameras.
  3. CCTV surveillance systems can keep track of house keeping and ensure they are doing their work.
  4. CCTV security systems help organize exit in case of emergencies.
  5. School security measure to protect school property and identify perpetrators and vandals.

For Teachers

  1. CCTV surveillance systems help in the protection of staff vehicles.
  2. They keep track of teacher attendance and punctuality.
  3. CCTV cameras can help keep track of teacher’s attitude and methodology in teaching.

For Students

  1. CCTV cameras aid monitoring and preventing bullying amongst students.
  2. They help in ensuring discipline and punctuality amongst students.
  3. Prevent or track student thefts.
  4. Keep parents mind at ease about school security and environment.

CCTV surveillance systems in schools are a way of ensuring a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for children. Always consult with experts to work out the most strategic places to install CCTV cameras in your school

CCTV systems help protect Banks & Financial organisations
The highest quality CCTV security systems are required by Banking & finance organisations because their reputations depend on them. Protecting against fraud, robberies, and improving the customer experience are priorities for every banking and financial organisation. Dealing with these priorities can be a challenge given the physical and operational costs involved in securing a cash-handling environment.

SECUR NEST CCTV systems help maintain a high level of security surveillance at single locations and across multiple sites, improving safety for staff and customers. By Integrating CENTRAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (CMS) with existing IP and analogue cameras, access control, intruder and alarm systems comprehensive management and control is assured.