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Guidelines to Buy CCTV Security System

Following are a few tips to consider while buying a CCTV security system for your business.
  • Consider the size of your business premises. Before getting a CCTV camera, determine the areas which need extra security.
  • There are different types of CCTV camera from static, moving, night vision, wiring CCTV cameras etc. So choose the ideal type of security systems that is suitable for your needs.
  • Give special attention to the most vulnerable places like car park, terrace, backyard or any place which you consider to be an easy picking place for the intruders to sneak through. Give those places special attention and buy appropriate security systems.
  • The higher the camera ad image resolution you prefer, the higher the cost of the equipment will soar. Give importance to quality and not for cost. Your objective is to build a secured environment and so there is no place for complacency.
  • Seek the guidance of professional CCTV camera dealers on installations, uses and the newest technology that is easy to handle as well as provide extra security.

  • Tips to Maintain CCTV Camera

  • Blow the CCTV camera's lens periodically with a burst of compressed air.
  • Apply lens solution to the edge of a lens cleaning tissue. Wipe the lens with the edge of the tissue.
  • Wipe the lens in the same manner, only this time with a dry edge of the tissue.
  • Apply distilled alcohol to the tip of a cotton swab. Rub the moistened tip of the swab around the connection on the back of the CCTV camera where the coaxial cable is screwed into the coax connection to remove loose dirt and grime.
  • Brush off the camera with a photo lens brush.
  • Place the jaws of a pair of pliers around the end of the coaxial cable where it meets the connection on the receiver.